Getting Started
With Subtrac, everything starts with a subscription. For each recurring payment, your business has, create a subscription, and track your spending.


Every subscription you're tracking includes the details of the company. We've got a list of over 1,000 of the most popular SaaS and business tools in use today. If you're using one that isn't listed, you can simply add a custom company in your account and create a subscription for it


Part of every subscription you're tracking includes the commercial information, including:
  • Subscription amount and currency
  • Contract renewal date
  • Free-trial end-date
  • Number of user licenses you've paid for
We use this commercial information to provide notifications of upcoming events with your subscriptions and to allow you a quick and easy view of key subscription information.

Billing frequency

The final part of a subscription is the details of how frequently you're being billed. Add this detail in so we can keep track of how much you're spending. frequency can be daily, weekly, quarterly or yearly.
That's all the information we need about a subscription to get you up and running